Ignimotion was launched in 2017 on the principle that data collection is an essential part of the data lifecycle that required a fresh, user-centric approach.

We’re here to simplify end-user data collection and to turn manual processes into powerful business applications.


PROJID created with a focus
on tooled services, based on
a consultative approach.


Ignimotion® officially launched; Projid is a software publisher with five employees.


Ignimotion is a software publisher with 30 employees and 15 CAC 40 customers.


Ignimotion is recognized around the world as the leader in intelligent data collection!

Ignimotion is an enterprise-grade solution for the largest of teams and the thorniest of problems.

We align our priorities with those of our customers, and we apply our creative and technical know-how to helping them achieve their goals.

Faster, smarter, and safer
as many words
that characterize our DNA.

We design and optimize our Ignimotion® solutions so that you can gain visibility, agility, and confidence.

By bringing insights to the data collection process, we promote collective intelligence – the power of information, and the strength of the team.