Our solutions are tailored .
for the digital transformation
of major accounts.

There's an Ignimotion® solution for the digital transformation of any business.
Collaborative information in motion that is qualified, understandable, controlled,
and approved to facilitate your decision-making and conquer new markets.


The tailor-made information stream accelerator, finally accessible to
the company's entire ecosystem.

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The App that automatically alerts you with qualified information,
whenever, wherever.

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Ignimotion Protec, a mix of Ignimotion Custom and Ignimotion Alert, made for cybersecurity, is like all our solutions: "tailor-made" and cost effective.

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Providing you with a veritable
CMS web portal.
App developed for Android and iOS.
Easy to use and scalable.
Explore its limitless possibilities, but,
without getting lost along the way.

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In keeping with your business,
your needs and your identity
we cater to your specifications
at every level,
right down to the management of access rights.

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Interactive sharing
of qualified information.
Prompt and inspire
the collective intelligence
of your company’s entire ecosystem,
employees and customers.

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Model and automate
your information streams.
Never before have
data fluidity and data veracity
gone together so well.
Remember: the right information
helps you take the right direction.

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Configure and automate
your collection of
multi-source information.
Optimal consultation and utilisation
of aggregate data.
Go straight to the essentials – fast.

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Track information in real time,
and shape its development
through to its validation,
both with those who monitor it
and those who supply it.
An interactive, panoramic viewpoint
for an even better vision.

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Anticipate technological changes to your information system more quickly.
Manage your project costs and contract monitoring more accurately.
Communicate more and better, share your department’s performance and contribution internally.
Users of the Provisioning PVault app, gain time creating accounts, and improve auditability.

Speed ​​up the security of your Vault applications. Make your business users aware of your issues.
Optimize accounts creation.
Be beyond reproach about your governance and the auditability of your processes.

Give your sales reps real-time notification of their activities and performance.
Collect input data in complete security to prepare your budgets.
Raise your employees’ awareness of their company’s performance by sending them your indicators.