Features & benefits

A true Web portal
Distribution of all types of content :
dashboards, documents, articles, indicators,,
entry forms, indicators sheets, ...
By associating documents and visuals to simplify
browsing and improve the understanding of your activity.
Easy navigation via menus, keyword search,
images, tabs, drill downs and links to access the details.
Libraries of templates that can be customised in line with your graphic charter.
Interactive icons.
CMS (Content Management System).
Validate indicators before publication,
and input data before consolidation.

Manage validation rights
and automated action possibilities at every step.
Create and deliver forms
by straightforward configuration

Possibility of entering comments on indicators.
Control the input processes.
Reduce the number of errors.
Improve productivity.
Dynamic visuals
Studio for creating indicators, reports
and dynamic, “bespoke” visuals.

Native integration of reports and visuals
from Business Intelligence solutions..
Customised design of visuals and dashboards
Access rights management
At all levels: menus, documents, indicators,
actions, records, ...

Browsing/consultation history
to analyse the solution's use.
Automatic integration
with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication systems.
Information management
Export reports/indicators in MS Office automation formats.
Set up subscriptions to automatically receive,
documents by e-mail at the selected frequency.

Easy use and sharing.
Ensuring information relevance.
Solution in SaaS mode.
Flat rate subscription
no matter the number of users.

No infrastructure to plan for.
Fixed monthly cost.
Possible connection to the company’s entire ecosystem
without limits.
Anticipate technological changes to your information system more quickly.
Manage your project costs and contract monitoring more accurately.
Communicate more and better, share your department’s performance and contribution internally.
Users of the Provisioning PVault app, gain time creating accounts, and improve auditability.

Speed ​​up the security of your Vault applications. Make your business users aware of your issues.
Optimize accounts creation.
Be beyond reproach about your governance and the auditability of your processes.

Give your sales reps real-time notification of their activities and performance.
Collect input data in complete security to prepare your budgets.
Raise your employees’ awareness of their company’s performance by sending them your indicators.